Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some thoughts from my sister...

Some of you know my younger sister, Kristine, and some of you have never met her. She's married and lives in California with her husband Matt. I don't get to see or talk to her nearly enough but we try and stay in contact the best we can. Last night she sent me some thoughts and experiences about her weekend... and they're just too good not share... in fact, I picked up my Bible first thing this morning... thanks for the reminder sista!! 

Just a note... this was a quick email sent to me last night at midnight with some thoughts from her heart. She graciously agreed to let me share because I think it'll be a blessing and reminder to somebody else like it was to me:

"Got to spend the weekend in Truckee and visit our old home church... was so blessed by Pastor Wayne's message. He spoke on humbleness... and how Jesus becoming a man, could not have chosen a lowlier rank. You see, because had he come as a tree, or flower or worm... those creations exist the way God created them to exist. They bring HIM glory because they do exactly what they were created to do. We, mankind are the ONLY creation that rebels against God. So Jesus could not have gotten further from his highest position of being GOD. Pretty cool. He literally became man... human, and there is nothing that he did not encounter... there is nothing he does not know or didn't feel. Talk about humble. The pastor then showed a picture of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and said, "if you are not willing to wash the feet of anyone in this church, you are not in the right place." Such a good reminder, especially in ministry that we are to be of one mind... considering others better than ourselves. We are to take that mindset so that one day God will be able to exalt us High like he is...

one more thought... from my awesome friend Rebekah.

She was comparing us and how we are so like the Israelites. Many comparisons but this one in particular had to do with the Mana God gave them. Each morning he would send mana from heaven and if they did not gather it then, the sun would spoil it and it would be gone... the mana is God's word.. each morning, if we do not put God very first and desire him more than we desire food, sleep, whatever, then the busyness of the day will soon be upon us and the time will be gone. He also only provided the Israelites with one day's worth. He gave them what they needed for that day. It's the same with his Word. There is no, "I'll read God's word on Saturday and catch up from the week..." No, He gives us the Word each day and if we miss the opportunity, it's gone... we've missed that day the blessings God had for us...

I heard a sermon by Francis Chan who was just so passionately begging his church to stop everything... don't do anything tomorrow if you don't spend time with God.. he's THAT important... don't eat, don't sleep, don't go to work if it interferes with your Holy and Almighty Savior. So challenging... I had to ask myself, "do I love him that much?" that I would be willing to not do anything if it meant that I couldn't spend time with him."

Crazy huh? We live and tell others that we are Christ followers yet we forget the necessity of spending time asking God what He has planned for us today?? And asking Him to fill us with more of Him and less of our sinful nature. Blows my mind - how can this be? I'm a mom, would I dare leave the house without a diaper? Would a teacher dare leave her house without her lesson plans? Would a fire fighter dare leave his garage without his gear? Why would we even think about leaving our houses or starting our morning without God's blessing on our day!! Let's pick up our Bibles!! 

By the way, I don't claim to have it all together as a "Christian" and I KNOW I fail in many areas. But I know God has put this special boy in my life for a reason, and that I want to be the best mom and wife I can be... and it's dang hard... and I need all the help I can get. So I'm going to try and start asking God every morning for help by getting some wisdom from His word. Because He promises He will!

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  1. amen!
    God has been speaking to me about these things