Saturday, October 26, 2013

October update...

I have to say, I was SO excited for Benjamin to start kindergarten! I would have 3 hours a day to get all my stuff done! I could start a consistent workout routine and lose some weight - well, I've gained ten pounds. All my cleaning chores for the day would get done first thing in the morning leaving the weekends free for family time - I'm actually looking at the pile up of chores around me and blogging instead because there is so much to do!! (plus if I procrastinate a little longer... the DUCK game will be on!) Turns out... kindergarten is kicking my butt!! Benjamin has to be up for school every morning by 6:15!! A little too early for this mama!! Hence... the gap in blogs, but I hope to be better because I want to journal/blog everything so I don't forget one thing!!

There have been some major news and changes going on around here!! First off, we have our official class dates to go get Benjamin's service dog!!  SEPTEMBER 15 - 26TH of 2014 is our actual class date and we'll be in Xenia, OH!!!! This is so exciting!! I don't want to wish a whole year by... but boy are we excited! 

That brings us to preparations for the SD (service dog):

- We are trying to get our 30 hours of video recorded so we can send that off to 4 Paws.
- The yard was terrible when we bought this house. Wouldn't even call it a yard... mostly spots of grass here and there in the back and the ground was really uneven and unsafe in the front. 
So this happened!!

backyard before
backyard after
backyard after
front yard before
front yard after
Still have some major yard work to do and a gate to put up so our front and back yard will be fenced in completely but that will probably all happen next spring. (btw... the dog doesn't get to go potty on the grass! We have a long side of the house where we will train it to go. We want Benjamin to be able to roll and crawl around in his yard!)

Now onto other events! 
Benjamin's 2nd day of kindergarten. First day he thew up everywhere 10 minutes before the bus came!!

Benjamin at school with Teacher Mary

Benjamin's new AFO's!! Definitely helping! He's almost standing by himself without holding onto anything!

Waiting for the school bus with his new basket on his walker - that's to hold the iPad if anybody was wondering!

Apparently my kid wears hats now! This hat's his daddy's!

Waiting for the dentist. He grinds his teeth all the time. His back molars were down to his gums (OUCH!) and he was starting to grind down his front teeth too. So caps on everything! (Dr. Mo said this is a very common problem with kiddos on medication) Poor boy! The dental procedure went great, however, the coming out of anesthesia was terrible! He had a really weird reaction to it and went crazy psycho on us! It was everything Ben could do to hold him down. He tore out his IV...  Needless to say, we were at the hospital for quite a bit longer than planned!

I think we might have found what we should be for Halloween! WOODY!  

Benjamin is really changing!! He is learning so many new skills at school! We are still doing quite a bit of private therapy as well. Benjamin gets out of school at 10:40 (he rides the bus there and I pick him up). I get him home for quick nap (which he needs because he is exhausted!) and then we pretty much have a a therapy appointment or drs./specialist appointment every afternoon. And then we come home, Ben gets home, and I head to work. It's craziness... but it's worth it!


  1. that is such good news about B's progress! your new yard looks great..

  2. You are such a hard working Mama!!! You will be rewarded!! :)